Trina George Clinical Hypnotist

  Willpower Made Easy                                    


 Ever feel like you try and try, work at something and work at it and you just can’t seem to get there? What is that missing piece that makes something so hard? Well, what if it is just as easy as “reprogramming the software” of your brain to make it easy for you. Or rather speaking to your subconscious. Whatever the IT is for you like losing weight, quitting smoking, overcoming a fear, feeling more confident, sleeping better.

 What if that one piece is just as easy as relaxing for an hour and letting someone talk to your subconscious?

We can all make conscious decisions to make changes, but unless you can make a decision on the subconscious level it is much harder to integrate that change into your life. All you really want is to just be 3- 4 weeks down the road already… so that it is no longer a change but now a habit for you. You are already there and you have it. What if all it takes is to talk to your subconscious and convince it that you are there…and you’ve been living your live exactly like you want?

This is what Hypnosis can do for you. Here is your answer! The changes you want to make in your life are not going to be hard. This is your Willpower Made Easy! This is the easier way!

It is not magic. But it might feel that way. Your mind is powerful, you just need  some help to change the programming so that making a change in your life is easier for you. You will still have to take steps, but they will be easier for you. The changes will feel like you’ve been living your life in this way for a long time…that it is just a part of who you are.

This is not "Stage Hypnosis"  I have no interest in modifying your behavior to illicit you to bark like a dog or any of that other silliness. My sessions are designed to help you make your life how you want it to be. To help you achieve your goals, and to be the happy, confident and healthier person you know you can be.

If this interests you please download the free CD for relaxation and stress relief to experience hypnosis with me.  I believe relaxation is the first step. Stress is in our lives, but some of us feel so overwhelmed by it. Stress can feel like it is inexcabaple. This CD is the beginning, this is where you can experience some relaxation, some peace, and where you can see how hypnosis can help you on your way to making any change you desire in your life.  So please accept this gift from me.  

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